Dean Paula Van Riper, Rutgers University (d. Aug. 2015)

Paula Van Riper. I just want to say this about Dean Paula Van Riper with whom I worked and who I knew in my years ‘by the banks.’

worked with her more closely as a Dean of Students of Livingston Campus, 2009-2013. Dean Van Riper was infinitely patient, knowledgeable, and KIND. I always went to her with complex questions about the impact on students’ academic life of any action I would advise. She was down to earth and down. I loved the whole Academic Affairs staff at Livingston, frankly.

Paula coulda been a stand-up comic in another life, she had such a great sense of humor and movement. And maybe she will be a comic. Let’s look for her in our journeys.

Also I loved her because she always called me “kid,” and I know I was older than Paula and most others in my cohort of administrators. But maybe she called everybody “kid.” And that’s okay too

My deepest sympathies to Paula’s colleagues at Livingston and all my Rutgers Facebook friends who knew Paula. RIP Paula Van Riper, you paid the price.

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